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About The Book


Listening To Your Heart

"Winky & Wonder", an intriguing fantasy book, teaches children the importance of understanding how their words and actions (whether kind or hurtful ones) create ripples that spread and affect other people in the world. Invisible to humans' eyes and unheard by their ears, Winky and Wonder whisper directly to children's hearts, encouraging them to listen to what they already know deep inside.


Messages For All Ages

Although Winky & Wonder is a children's book its messages are timeless and intended for all ages. This is a "chapter book", which means the story is told primarily through prose, rather than images. The story contains six black and white drawings illustrated by the author. Paperback: 96 pages, Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.8 x 0.3 inches.


Character Education

Character education is especially important in today's world; the children's book, "Winky & Wonder" by Dora E. H. Crow, presents an enjoyable way for parents and educators to introduce this theme... Families and educators can use the stories in 'Winky & Wonder' to initiate discussions with children about situations in their own lives and help them to begin exploring 'listening to their hearts'."

Watch and Listen to the Prologue

Dora E. H. Crow reads the Winky & Wonder Prologue

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* Offer available within the US only. Please visit for international purchases.

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About the Author


Dora E. H. Crow

Dora E. H. Crow spent most of her childhood growing up in a beautiful area of Newfoundland, N.J. While playing in the forest with her many pets she always imagined she would write a book one day. And so she did!

Mrs. Crow created Winky and Wonder to help guide her own children to make thoughtful decisions by listening to their hearts. While writing the book she saw the story begin to take on a life of its own as it began actually teaching her many important life lessons.